The Buy-In Code: How Savvy Cyber Security Champions Build the Business Case and Influence to Drive Urgent Change

When you see the tsunami coming and everyone is lying on the beach, what do you do? Champions of cybersecurity often carry the heavy burden of seeing danger before anyone else does. But what if no one pays attention when you speak up? In this 50-minute pre-conference webinar, you will learn how to speak the language that moves leaders and key stakeholders into action.

We will help you understand how to:

– Build a compelling business case for urgent change initiatives

– Gain clarity consensus and commitment from key stakeholders

– Utilize the Voice of Influence Model of Engagement to diagnose and influence buy-in

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your own ability to influence urgent change in your organization. Your voice matters.

Now, let’s make it matter more.

Listen to the Replay of this important conversation with Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A., CEO and founder of the consulting firm, Voice of Influence.

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As CEO and founder of the consulting firm, Voice of Influence, Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A. draws out the best in internal champions, helping them crack the Buy-In Code by utilizing proprietary models and methodologies to drive urgent change.

A maverick leader, known for her fearless approach to difficult conversations and her ability to rapidly cut to the core of any problem or issue, she has deep experience gaining clarity, consensus and commitment in high-stakes, strategic conversations. This success, along with her uncanny insight into human dynamics allows her to serve her clients and audiences with life-changing keynotes, trainings, retreats, executive coaching and strategic advising.

Andrea is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, UNFROZEN: Stop Holding Back and Release the Real You and host of the Voice of Influence podcast. “Your voice matters. Now, let’s make it matter more.”

For More Information about the Voice of Influence and Andrea head to her website:   or find her podcast Voice of Influence: Message-Driven Leadership on iTunes

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