Questions to Ask a Prospective Coach

Questions to Ask a Prospective Coach

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You’ve considered hiring a coach but you’re not sure about “making the jump” as Steve Harvey calls it.

With our analytical brain, we have questions to answer and value propositions to assess.  With our emotional brain, everything in us screams “YES!” because it seems like the right thing to do.

I want you to come prepared to our first discussion with the right questions.  So copy this list and keep it handy:

1.  Why do I want a coach?  What is my desired outcome?  If the outcome is therapeutic, seek a therapist.  Their services are covered by insurance in many cases.  If the outcome is forward looking toward future goals, then a coach is the right choice.

2. What is your highest priority?  If it is career advancement, if that is where your focus really settles, then a career change/development coach is right for you.  If it is relationships, health and fitness, changing habits – there are specific coaches who specialize in those focus areas.

3. How did this prospective coach learn to combine coaching skills with wisdom and expertise in your given area?  For example, if  you want a coach to help you advance your cybersecurity career, did you coach reach similar levels themselves?

4.What has your prospective coach written that is out there for you to read?  Does what they say resonate with you?  If it does, you may have found a good fit.  If it grates you the wrong way, that person may not be the coach for you; however, it is possible they are the PERFECT fit for you because they’ve touched an area of polarity that triggers you.  And if the hard work of removing barriers to your progress is something for which you are ready, a coach who can push you may be just the ticket.

5.  Coaching is one of those careers with a low barrier to entry.  What does your prospective coach do to stay relevant and current?  How do they see professional excellence and pursue that?  When you speak to them, do you get the sense that they are connecting to you and care deeply about your personal progress?

Use this list to interview prospective coaches.  At the end of the day, your heart is going to decide.  And that is a good thing.

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